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How we work

Animation process

First meeting with the client

We start every project with a meeting with the client where we learn about the video’s goals, target audience, deadlines, and budget. At this stage, it is important to understand what idea the client wants to convey through the video and what results they want to achieve. This will allow us to form the key elements of the future project.


We come up with a story that captures the audience’s attention and helps to explain the product in an engaging and accessible way. You can adjust the script or provide your own. Once the final version is agreed upon, it becomes the basis for creating the animation.


When choosing graphic solutions, we consider the brand’s corporate identity, the script, and the tasks that the video must accomplish. We create several frames in different designs to show what the final picture will look like. You’ll see which elements will be animated and when the voice-over will appear.


Storyboarding is a series of 2D schematic images that sequentially reflect the main scenes of the animation. It allows you to visualize the script and see how the video will convey the idea. After approval, we refine the details and prepare a breakdown of the entire video.






After approving the script, graphics, and voice-over, we begin the animation production process. It is a labor-intensive process that can take some time depending on the complexity of the project.. Using modern tools and techniques, we create a high-quality, original video that is easily understood and effectively conveys your message.

Music and sound effects

We are almost finished. We remove unnecessary sounds, add background music, and special sound effects that help emphasize certain elements of the video and create a special atmosphere, immersing the audience in the brand’s emotional world.

Project Export

We review the final version and ensure that everything works as intended. We have brought your story to life! We save the animation in the necessary format and send it to you.

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